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Last year the voters of Whittier passed Proposition W which created four Council districts and established a Mayor position which would be elected city-wide. It is everyone’s hope that this new system will provide greater attention to neighborhoods by the district councilmembers, and still keep the best interests of the whole city in mind with a directly elected Mayor. This arrangement was designed to prevent the political splintering and dysfunction that has occurred in other cities with district only elections. Whittier’s success in this new leadership structure will depend on how well the new Mayor and Councilmembers work together and I want the plan to succeed!

Joe at the Whittwood Town Center

Remember – every resident gets to vote for mayor,
regardless of the district they live in.


District 1

District 1

  • Dog Park
  • Five Points
  • Greenway Trail
  • PIH Health
  • York Field
  • Lee Owens Park
  • Broadway Park
  • Whittier Public Library
  • Nelles (Future Development)
District 2

District 2

  • Greenway Trail
  • Whittier College
  • Founder’s Park
  • Historic Uptown Whittier
  • Hellman Park, Palm Park
  • Guiardo Park
  • Pio Pico
District 3

District 3

  • Murphy Ranch Park
  • Whittwood Town Center
  • Parnell Park
  • Leffingwell Park
  • East Whittier Public Library
  • Greenway Trail (Future Development)
District 4

District 4

  • The Quad
  • Greenway Trail
  • Kennedy Park
  • Michigan Park
  • Anaconda Park


Supporting the Whittier Community

Our City is more diverse than ever. We have new economic challenges and we all want to retain the small town values that brought us to Whittier in the first place.We need to keep our city economically competitive and we need to protect our residential neighborhoods. We need more local jobs and businesses and we need more housing options. We need to maintain public safety and we need to keep our City Government decisions open and transparent to our residents.

Joe with Youth Volunteers
Four Bricks Owner
Joe meets with families discussing Latino rights
Joe at a fundraiser
Joe at Plymouth Congregational Church in Whittier
Joe with youth at the Whittier Veterans Day Celebration
Joe talks with Dr Ramsey Ezaki, Dentist
Joe meeting with supporter Kenny Venegas
Joe signs the cast of military veteran Cindy Rowe
Girls at Four Bricks


Serving the City of Whittier

All of those things are possible if our City leaders stay focused on the best interests of the entire City. How successfully we transition from the old form of city government to the new form will determine how well we achieve those goals. I believe in teamwork. I want to be a Mayor for all of Whittier!

Joe at the Whittwood Town Center
Joe at the La Serna 5k - Winning his age group
Joe at the Colima, Mar Vista Fountain
Whittier Greenway Trail
Joe Running the Whittier Greenway Trail
Joe overlooking the new Whittier Police Department
Joe Runs The 5K
Joe at Groundbreaking for Whittier College
Joe Volunteers as Part of the Kennedy Park KaBoom!
Founders Park Memorial


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